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Educated as a menswear designer at Central Saint Martins UAL and an MA in Design at KHiO, I have learned to design from an imaginative, still rational point of view.


Today I see myself as a storyteller, a cross-disciplinary creator, an artist, crafts-woman and designer. Through my multi-disciplinary practice, I attempt to create platforms for exchange of relevant knowledge, believing designers have a responsibility to contribute to the reduction of consumption and to aid enhanced awareness of the global climate challenge.

Graduated in 2017 with an MA in clothing design at KHiO in Oslo, the MA project was called ‘LIMINAL LANDSCAPES & MNEMONIC TEXTILES’ – which was an investigation into the language of traditional textile and tactile knowledge; as tools for a contemporary design practice. This project received the DogA Nykommer Award in 2017.  

Trained in Pedagogy and working as a Fashion design teacher. 

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